"Before you think outside the box, you have to know there is more than one box".

Othervertical founder, Vincent D. Johnson

Othervertical is a visual marketing firm, dedicated to helping businesses obtain high quality imagery, while consulting with them on how to maximize its value. With backgrounds in marketing, broadcast media, & print journalism, our creative team has the experience to craft your message through storytelling in multiple mediums helping build brand awareness & loyalty.


From projects as simple as event photography, to more complex work such as short documentary films, we're here to help your business get noticed.

The human mind absorbs information 60,000 times faster from visual imagery, than from text.

In today's hyper-paced world there is less time for reading text.
Use it wisely and drive home your message with amazing imagery.

There are over 500 million tweets a day.

According to Twitter*, tweets with visual content are more likely to be re-tweeted; 28% more with video & 35%  more with photos. When posts on Facebook have visual content, likes increase by 53% and comments by 108%*. With great original content, those numbers could be limitless.

If your brand doesn't have a story, the only difference between it and the competition is price.
Let us set you above the rest.

The days of businesses just buying ads in newspapers, on radio, or TV and expecting to see an increase in sales are gone. Non-profits relying on quarterly bulk mailings for increased donations, doesn't work like it use to. It's no longer relevant just to have a website, have great service, or make a quality product. Now, more than ever, your audience is looking to connect with your brand.


Visual storytelling is a key part of building loyalty to your brand.



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